Value Addition By IDEA

IDEA believes in sharing the entrepreneur’s vision and working with the company to achieve long term success. While we are involved at the Board level, we do not get involved in the day to day activities. We certainly believe we can leverage on the network built by the founders of IDEA / IEP / GSC Partners which has been built over the last 25 years in the Indian as well as International industry. IEP & GSC Partners are based in the US and their relationships can be leveraged to meet the requirements of the investee companies. 

We have a Board of Advisors comprising eminent individuals who have excelled in their respective fields and whose advice is available to the investee companies. This board consists of eminent persona from the fields of Information Technology, Communication and Finance. 

has been proactively involved in supporting its portfolio companies to achieve high performance standards and strong market positions. Our involvement with our portfolio companies includes:

Braingem,Inc – Analysing costs and structures for establishing a wholly owned subsidiary in India separate from its current joint venture with Pentafour Software in Chennai.

Delta Innovative Enterprises Ltd.– Working with the company to identify new products and services and guiding the company to develop its expansion plan to achieve a pan India presence. We have introduced the company to a number of prospective customers like Banks, Airlines etc. Additionally we are working very closely with the company to raise both debt and equity and have introduced them to a number of international and domestic institutional investors.

Drish Shoes Ltd. - We are working very closely with the company to help it achieve its international acquisition plans in Italy and UK. This includes valuation, due diligence and the structuring of the investment.

Ecoboard Industries Ltd. – Regular monitoring of the performance and providing suggestions to the management for improvement.

Secure Meters Ltd. – We are working closely with the company for its forthcoming IPO and identifying strategic investors.

Sun Earth Ceramics Ltd. – We have helped the company identify an acquisition in Romania, raise funds & structure this acquisition as well as develop the requisite MIS to ensure that there are no obstacles. We have also been actively involved in raising debt and equity for its proposed expansion.

Time Packaging Ltd. - We have helped the company identify a unit in Dubai and are in detailed discussions for its acquisition. We are working closely with the company for its forthcoming IPO and have helped them diversify their Board of Directors.

United Studios Ltd. – We have introduced the company to various prospective clients.

Mistral Software Ltd. – We have identified an embedded software division of a large Indian corporate for acquisition by Mistral. Subsequently, were active in negotiating the terms for this acquisition.

Tracmail (Bermuda) Ltd. – We have been actively involved in helping the company raise additional funds and have introduced the company to a number of other VC funds. We have also introduced the company to prospective clients.