• Size of Fund:
$ 60 million target 
  • Life:
6 years plus 1 one-year extension
  • Commitment period :
3 years
  • Minimum investment sizes:
        -  Institutions   
        -  Individuals    

$ 3 million
$ 500,000
  • Co-investment: 
Provide co-investment opportunities on a preferential basis to investors
  • Target Closing Date:
  • Management Fee:  
2.5% annually on capital commmitments (payable quarterly) for first three years, reducing to lower of (a) NAV, or   (b) committed capital in out years
  • Performance Incentive:
The Investment Manager will be entitled to a carried interest of 20% after providing investors a return of capital plus a rate of 10% simple interest in $ terms
  • Organizational Expenses:
Flat fee of $500,000 to International Investment Manager tocover legal, accounting and marketing expenses globally; ongoing management expenses paid by Fund (not to exceed $100,000/year)
  • Placement Fees:
        - Internationally     None
        - India As per local norms


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