Guiding Hand


At  IDEA, we strive to engender a synergy between the various components of our service offering.  From the stage of evaluation to the concluding procedure of exit, we ensure that every element of our involvement bears the stamp of excellence.

Access to good quality skilled talent on a sustainable basis.
IDEA & IEP have the ability to effectively tap a series of industry experts both in India and the US to form a part of the investment committee, which vets the Investment decisions.
Deal Flow
Given the networking enjoyed by its team and its presence in the Indian Private Equity scenario, IDEA has the ability to attract good quality deals on a preferential basis.
Due Diligence
Given the investment experience of its team and the extensive networking enjoyed by it, IDEA offers a unique skill set for conducting due diligence on the proposed investment including determining the credibility of management etc.
IDEA has the relevant experience in valuing companies, negotiating investment terms and conditions and negotiating and finalizing investment agreements.
The IDEA team actively monitors its investments by regularly attending board meetings, visiting factories and preparing peroidic updates on the progress of the company. In addition the IDEA team guides the strategy of the company and provides value addition to the Investee Company in the areas of budgeting, planning, acquisitions, strategic alliances & fund raising.
IDEA works closely with the company and the intermediary to help the company go public or sell privately to a third party. In the case of listed investments IDEA liaisons with a set of brokers and exits the stock at predetermined price levels.
IDEA / IEP provides monthly reports on the activity as well as detailed half yearly updates and annual audited reports.